Wednesday, January 16, 2013

HW1: Single File

The first homework is a fun simple challenge to get you started learning NetLogo. You will implement a model where the turtles all form a single line (one after the other) that is constantly marching. That is, you will:
  1. Set the world to be a torus.
  2. Make your 'setup' button create 'num-turtles' (sliders) all in randomly chosen locations.
  3. Each turtle has to behave autonomously and can only change its heading or move forward 1.

I am looking for a single line, a queue, with even spacing between each turtle. You will find that your first efforts lead to some turtles moving on top of each other. Try to spread them out.

Also, try not to solve this centrally (by having the observer calculate the exact position each turtle should be, based on their 'who' number). Instead, imagine each turtle is a person, but no one can talk to anyone else. How would people form a single line?

Email me your final .nlogo file, making sure to put your name and email in the 'Info' tab, by Monday, January 28 @10am.

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